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Indian Maize (Corn) is of American origin.

Maize is cultivated across all the countries, has an interesting composition that comprises of 70% carbohydrate, 10% protein, 10.4% albuminoids, 4% oil, 2.3% crude fibre and 1.4% ash.


Soya Bean

Soybeans, also called as Soya beans, are a species of legume and are native to East Asia. Their texture, taste and protein content makes them a close substitute to meat for vegetarians. Soya beans can be used for cooking either as beans or as soya chunks.



Wheat is the most consumed and widely cultivated cereal grain across the world. It’s wide culinary applications and several health benefits make it the favourite of all. Whole wheat grains are low in fat, high in fiber and carbohydrates and are also good source of …



India is the world’s largest producer of chickpeas popularly available as two varieties of “Kabuli” and “Desi”. India accounts for 70 percent of the world’s total production of chickpeas. 


22. Onion

India is the second-largest onion-growing country in the world. The Indian onions are famous for their pungency and are available round the year.

Indian onions have two crop cycles, first harvesting starts…



Turmeric is a perennial, fragrant herb. It has both medicinal value and can be used as food seasoning. Lightly spicy, slightly peppery, musky and a mixture of sweet orange and ginger, slightly spicy and bitter.

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