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Indian Maize (Corn) is of American origin.

Maize is cultivated across all the countries, has an interesting composition that comprises of 70% carbohydrate, 10% protein, 10.4% albuminoids, 4% oil, 2.3% crude fibre and 1.4% ash.

Yellow corn is a major source of starch and is the best suited for processing and feedstock for cattle and poultry

Our maize is supplied and exported to Hong Kong and China.

Specification of Yellow Corn
Moisture 12% – 14% max
Kernel Size 4-6 MM
Foreign Matter 2% Max
Broken 2.5% Max
Damaged Kernels 5% Max
Admixture 2% Max
Shrivelled 2.5% to 4.5% Max
Weevilled Grains 1% Max
Aflatoxin 20 PPB Max
Immature 2%
Packing 50kg PP or Jute Bag
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