The Files module in HammerTech enables users to upload files relating to a job. These paperwork are visible to all members of an team with appropriate permissions. They will also be distributed to clients.

Uploading files is a simple way to add project-related information. This can include backdrop on a project, economic creation agreements, or perhaps equipment paperwork. However , it is important to recognise how to choose the very best format to your files. We recommend that you groundwork the different alternatives before beginning.

You are able to upload just one report or multiple files. You can even use a file-tag to indicate in which a document is being posted. For example , you can create a point for “Sales Proposal” or “Equipment Documentation”.

Documents can be stored in impair storage area. A cloud storage carrier can allow you to get the files from everywhere. To publish documents, click on the Upload option in the major right place of the display screen.

Once you have a document, you can edit it is details. In addition there are options to enable versioning and set privileges with regards to specific users.

When you publish a record, you happen to be automatically designated a version quantity. You can also delete older versions. If you would like to see just how versions include changed, you should check out the history.

Alternatively, you can go to the administration site and build document categories. Document types allow you to coordinate your documents. Adding a category can be useful if you want to locate an appropriate document.

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